How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian

John Dominic Crossan, February 17-18, 2017, here at the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, 17750 S. La Cañada Dr., Sahuarita, AZ.  His theme for the weekend is “How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian.”

The series: Friday evening: 7 PM Registration & Refreshments

7:30 PM  “Original Sin”: Sexual Temptation or Escalatory Violence?”

Saturday morning: 8:30 AM Registration & Refreshments

9 AM “Covenantal Law: Human Destiny or Divine Sanction?”

10:45 AM “God’s Kingdom: Violent Revolt or Non-Violent Resistance?”

1:30 PM  “ Christianity’s Criterion: Historical Jesus or Biblical Christ?”

John Dominic Crossan, a native of Ireland, was educated both there and in the United States.  He was a member of a 13th century Roman Catholic religious order 1950-1969, and an ordained priest 1957-1969.  He taught at DePaul University, Chicago, 1969-1955, and is now Professor Emeritus in its Department of Religious Studies.

Crossan is widely known for his work with the Jesus Seminar, for which he was Co-Chair 1985-1996, as it met to debate the historicity of the life of Jesus in the gospels. He was Chair of the Parables Seminar 1972-76, and 1993-1998 was Chair of the Historical Jesus Section within the Society of Biblical Literature.

Crossan has lectured widely to lay and scholarly audiences and has written twenty-seven books on the historical Jesus, the apostle Paul, and earliest Christianity.

Cost for the seminar $60.  I am enclosing some flyers with registration information. Interested persons can go to, events tab, also.  If you have any questions, please contact me either by email,, or by phone (520) 625-1375.

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