Ignite the Spark 2017-2018

August 11,2017
Gail Strange: Building Your Church’s Communication House from the Ground Up (Confirmation pending)
Valley Presbyterian, Paradise Valley

Gail Strange is the Coordinator of General Assembly’s Office of Communication. In this workshop, Gail will show churches how to plan, create, implement and evaluate a communication plan that helps your church members keep in touch with one another as well as helps your church communicate with your community. The workshop will cover the importance of community analysis, determining your strategies and key messages, and how to use social media and electronic messaging to expand your mission.

October 20, 2017 (PdC) Valley Presbyterian, Green Valley
November 3, 2017 (PGC)- Salt River Presbyterian, Scottsdale
Zach Yentzer: Ministry to (and with) Millennials

Zach, a Millennial, a Tucson native and a PK, is the founder and principal of 100 Cities Ministry and author Creative: Designing Churches that Engage Generations Together. Zach believes churches can move toward becoming more intergenerational, creative and impactful through establishing relationships of “mutual mentoring” across generations. Zach’s workshop will describe the three-part framework that churches need to build to create the kind of environment that such relationships can, may and will happen.

January 26, 2018
T. Denise Anderson: Cultivating Multi-Cultural Ministry

The Rev. T. Denise Anderson is co-Moderator of General Assembly and pastor of Unity Presbyterian Church in Temple Hills, MD. Together with fellow co-moderator Jan Edmiston, Denise has called the denomination, first, to examine our own ministry practices related to race and, second, be intentional in reaching across racial lines to “engage the conversation” toward exhibiting the Kingdom of God to the world (the Sixth Great End of the Church). Denise’s workshop will discuss the perspectives and practices needed, and the ideas and opportunities possible, for churches to cultivate best practices for multi-cultural ministry.

March 2,2018 (PGC) Location TBA
April 20, 2018 (PdC) Location TBA
Vera White: What “Old” Churches Can Learn from “New” Communities

Vera White is the director of General Assemblies 1,001 New Worshipping Communities initiative and the lead trainer and coach of new worshipping community pastors. In her workshop, Vera will discuss what established churches can and need to learn from the best practices of new worshipping communities to focus a church’s outreach efforts, renew its outreach energy, and turn their focus from outside-in to inside-out. Contrary to popular belief, one can teach an “old” dog “new” tricks!

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