103rd Annual Camp Meeting

Papago United Presbyterian Church
Sells, AZ

Friday, September 13

10:00am Service  Leader: Ellamae Greasewood

Choirs: Vamori Independence Baptist Church
Church of the Nazarene Church
Dayton Blaine

2:00am Service  Leader: Arvada Liston

Choirs: Dallas Antone
New Gospel (Margo Johnson)

7:00pm Service  Leader: Andres Molina

Choirs: Vah-Ki Presbyterian
Sacaton Presbyterian,
Liston Family
Sells Gospel Choir (Mondo’s Choir)

Saturday, September. 14, 2019,

W Evangelist Randy Ruiz

10:00am Service  Leader: Rechanda Chavez

Choirs: Ft. McDowell Presbyterian
Vincent Norris,
Pablo Family
Lower Santan Presbyterian
Gila Crossing Presbyterian

2:00pm Service  Leader: Cameron Chavez

Choirs: Maricopa First Presbyterian
Upper Santan Presbyterian
Salt River Presbyterian



7:00pm Service  Leader: Louella Martinez

Choirs: Voices of the Desert
Unity for Christ
Dawn & Denise Terry

Sunday September 15, 2019,

Evangelist Randy Ruiz

10:00am Service  Leader:  Diane Marks

Choirs: Stotonic Presbyterian

Sells Combined

2:00pm Service  Leader:  Pauline Antone

Choirs: Travelers for Jesus
Patsy White & Family

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